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Denial of female ejaculation by British Board of Film Classification
posté le 24 décembre 2010

WHEN the British Board of Film Classification ordered 6 minutes and 12 seconds of material cut from British Cum Queens in 2002, they found themselves under attack from an unlikely quarter: a group of feminists.

The offending segment showed some of the female participants apparently ejaculating fluid from their genitals on orgasm. The film board stated that female ejaculation did not exist, so the actresses must have been urinating. And urinating on another actor on film is banned under the UK’s Obscene Publications Act.

The group Feminists Against Censorship marshalled all the scientific evidence they could find to prove that some women do in fact ejaculate. The film board eventually backed down from its complete denial of the phenomenon, stating that female ejaculation was a « controversial and much debated area ».


The History of Female Ejaculation (Sexual medicine history)
posté le 22 décembre 2010

A well informed in depth article by Joanna B. Korda, MD, Sue W. Goldstein, BA, and Frank Sommer, MD*

*Institute of Men’s Health, Department of Urology, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany ; San Diego Sexual Medicine, San Diego, CA, USA.

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