Generally speaking, it is true that in a great number of cultures, women are forced to repress and hide any manifestation of their bodily fluids as they risk losing their “desirability”. Indeed, many cultures consider these fluids as something dirty, threatening or even evil. This taboo hinders women’s ability to experience free and fulfilling sexual orgasms as they become preoccupied, worrying about sweat, blood, urine or vaginal fluid. These barriers consequently represent powerful mental blocks against female ejaculation.

Yet in a deep loving relationship with a supportive partner, a woman can reach female ejaculation via relaxation exercises based on anatomical and sensual self discovery This quest may be long, involving many trials and errors, but it can be achieved.

That being said, female ejaculation should not be transformed into a new despotic norm for female pleasure imposed on women. Women can live perfectly happy and fulfilled sexual lives without ever ejaculating. But knowing that they have the potential to do so is an empowering step in the process of self-awareness. Understanding the functions of their own prostate in female sexual pleasure can further empower women who can now stop wondering about her G-spot.

I demonstrated above the similarities between the female orgasm obtained through stimulation of the clitoris and the classical male orgasm, triggered by a stimulation of the penis. But what about the similarities between the vaginal orgasm linked to the female prostate ( the now obsolete G-spot…)  and its male equivalent ? If we consider those numerous mental blocks and taboos that prevent women from reaching ejaculation, the same can be observed about men not considering reaching their own potential prostatic pleasure.

Just mentioning the possibility of stimulating a man’s prostate generally provokes massive rejection from most men. Indeed, for the large majority of heterosexual men, the anal region remains a strictly forbidden zone; the thought of being penetrated by a finger or an object, not to mention by a penis, in order to stimulate their prostate is generally seen as an unbearable taboo.

Nevertheless, there are straight men, not just gay men, who enjoy different kinds of  alternative practices of anal penetration with or without their partners help. They all talk of an incomparable and amazing pleasure caused by the stimulation of their prostate. This pleasure is unlike anything they might feel with their penis. They describe deeper sensations, more diffused but incredibly more intense than a regular orgasm, particularly when combined with traditional ejaculation.

If we, men, want to consider and support the quest that women can embark upon to conquer a new dimension of their sexual accomplishment by mastering their ability to ejaculate, there is no doubt that we have to accept their exploration of themselves to help them overcome inhibitions, and cultural and psychological barriers . But let’s face it, we are faced with the exact same challenge if we dare : accepting to explore our own new frontier, breaking through our own mental blocks and taboos that may prevent us from experiencing new unsuspected dimensions in our own sexual pleasure by exploring our own prostate resources too …

Michel Reilhac

Paris, December 2010