Dear Diary – Part 2

The following weekend we had planned to spend time with Esther and Johan,  a couple with whom we had developed a very special friendship. Once after a wild party each respective couple made love,  next to each other in the same room. We felt lucky to have such close intimate friends.

As soon as they arrived, Alice and I literally jumped on them to tell them all about what we had experienced and discovered. They were just as fascinated as we were. The elaborate sexual discussion that ensued made us all incredibly aroused.

Soon enough the four of us were naked in our room, like kids ready to play a game. We were especially interested in testing Alice’s new talent, which made Esther extremely curious and envious. Alice began a demonstration with her electric toy…

Inspired by our talks about the male prostate as well as the newly discovered female one, Johan confessed that with Esther’s help he had recently started getting pleasure from stimulating his prostate. By arousing this buried organ, he achieved a completely different sensation,  and admitted that he’d subsequently been attracted to anal sex – to the point where he was considering trying it himself. He and Esther were both aware that this was a familiar territory to me, having always been bisexual. Johan and I were both quite turned on by watching Esther and Alice playing with the vibrator and each other.  We started a new sort of sexual foreplay, which soon developed into a savage manly duel. We were rolling on the bed, progressively losing all shyness about exploring each other’s bodies. We ended up taking each other, alternating places without any shame. It was pure wild unleashed sexual energy.  Intertwined and still playing with the vibrator, Esther and Alice were now watching us. Our last vestige of inhibition was shattered to pieces. At this point, nothing could have held back our desire to follow our primal urges.

It is indeed astonishing how everything seems to work perfectly in these moments, as if pleasure doesn’t know any limits, only inspiration. Common gender distinctions are diluted, while sexual differences fuse into hyper-sensations and bodies become sources of new pleasure, a land of unknown and mesmerizing exploration, colliding in the same instant.  Sex, then, appears as a world you travel to without a compass or a schedule, leaving only pleasure and instinct as your guiding stars.

After our loving battle was over, Johan and I both collapsed among the white sheets, exhausted and fulfilled. Our two eager spectators had had a lot to do with the intensity and excitement of our lovemaking.

But, only moments later, we were awoken from our sweet lethargy by the now familiar sound of the vibrating toy. Alice and Esther had started again without us. Lying on the couch facing each other, they were sharing a double sculpted glass dildo. While linked together by this opalescent snake-like object, they started vibrating again, using the mischievous electrical toy, except this time they were more precise and focused.

Johan and I immediately jumped out of bed to join them next to the couch. This time it was our turn to be the eager audience. We couldn’t bear missing a single minute of their quest. I moved to crouch behind Alice, gripping my thighs around Alice’s shoulders, gently placing her head against my crotch while Johan held Esther tight against his chest.

We all supported Alice in her goal of mastering and triggering the ultimate orgasm. The three of us were encouraging her the best we could on her progressive rise towards pleasure, trying to sync with every sound and contraction, observing her lost gaze when she would reach a new peak of sensations or when she would close her eyes in deep concentration. We were caressing her as we were caressing ourselves. Our four bodies intertwined looked like one weird living organism with tentacles and outgrowths, shining with sweat and moaning as Alice’s excitement mounted. I never let go of her eyes, sometimes closed, focused on the depths of her innermost sensations, and sometimes wide-open when she was looking into mine for support. I could feel her pulsing. I could see her whole body contracting around the toy, her legs entangled with Esther’s. I was caressing the pearls of sweat forming on her shaking breasts; I was also caressing myself, my stiff penis against her cheek while she was contracting her whole body in reaction to the contractions she was experiencing deep inside her vagina. Johan was jerking off as well, the three of us pulsating at the same pace. We felt like Alice’s adventure team companions, accompanying her towards orgasm. We were four lunatics, bodies and souls lost in the compulsive obsession of our primeval excitement.

And suddenly, without any warning, Alice came again. Her waters gushed all over us. Under the flows of her orgasm, we all came together, both screaming and laughing, overjoyed with what Alice had accomplished.

She now was our triumphant and new imperial woman, a Woman complete. Through her, with her, we had just experienced a moment of pure ecstasy, our male or female distinctions diluted in complete pure liquid joy.

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