Dear Diary – Part 3

Now, several weeks later, that moment is eternal, shining in our memories like a pure crystal.

Since then, I have further explored Alice’s pleasure, as well as mine. The magical vibrator is not essential anymore, even if we do go back to using it sometimes. It was a trigger, a key to the liquid world of Alice’s pleasure. Alice and I can now go and enjoy these beautiful watery lands of sex without the toy. We see Johan and Esther even more often now, as our relationship has strengthened by this moment of utter intimacy. They too, on their own, have found the secret trigger to Esther’s ejaculation.

More than ever, I believe that this supreme dimension of female pleasure is potentially accessible to every woman. I do not want to be misunderstood though : female ejaculation does not have to be the new norm. Orgasm can be experienced without ejaculation and be brilliant ! But just as well, women should know the details of their inner anatomy. They should know that they have a prostate – which it is what some call their G spot. They should know what it does and how it can be located for enhanced pleasure. Understanding how our body works is a precursor to enjoying its potential.

Yet comparing female and male sexual anatomy, seeing how similar they are, and saying that the female prostate is a functioning organ in women’s bodies, is by no means a masculine filtered view on women’s bodies. It is the reality of how we are. There is a wide open field for women to discover new sexual territories. We, men, can and should accompany women as they embark on this exploration, and subsequently develop new dimensions for our own sexual life. There are a lot of new ways to share and be together on this journey. But as we encourage our women friends, lovers, wives, companions to take a chance and explore, to see if they can reach ejaculation as a hidden source of ultimate pleasure, there is also an uncharted land for us men to explore : the unspoken possibilities of pleasure through prostatic stimulation.

Male sexuality is entirely defined by an emphasis on the penis and penetration. We too have a prostate – just as a woman does – connected to powerful nerves and therefore a wealth of pleasurable sensations. What prevents us from exploring it is the taboo regarding the anal penetration necessary to access the prostate. But what a waste not to explore what new sensations lie there in store for us! I am not saying that all men have to engage in gay sex and endure phallic penetration to access prostatic pleasure. I am merely saying that there is something there waiting to be awakened in all of us; and it can just as well be explored with the help of our female partners. It would be a shame to never experience this new level of sexual arousal….if only to try it once…  

Indeed, if we look beyond the obvious physical gender differences between men and women, and realize we are indeed truly similar as far as our sexual morphology goes (I am not considering the obvious major difference of the reproductive system) , then why not consider what exploring means to all of us, for women and for men, on our own bodies? It seems to me like an awful waste not to try and enjoy these new sexual territories which can be explored together with both pleasure and trust.

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