Dear Diary

Alice’s surprise

A man’s experience and perception of female ejaculation

Michel Reilhac

December 2010


It was the middle of the afternoon, I was naked in the bathroom, shaving. I had this bewildered and weary look on my face, the kind you get after spending hours fucking. It was one of those moments suspended in time, when a shower and a drink feel like a welcome break in the middle of a marathon.

I was almost done with the first cheek, when suddenly I heard Alice screaming wildly from the bedroom. It startled and almost terrified me. She was screaming and in her screams there was both surprise and wonder – as if  in shock, struck by something major and utterly unexpected.

By the time I hastily rinsed off my face, the screams had stopped.

I joined her in the tussled white sheets, bathing in the bright sunlight of the Swiss Alps. The fresh mountain air was meant to rejuvenate us though we actually spent most of the weekend in bed…

Why did Alice scream like that?

The surprise of what had just happened left her in a complete state of shock:

at age 31, Alice had just experienced her first massive female ejaculation.

It had been my idea to surprise her with a magical toy gift : a powerful American vibrator that looked like a big microphone from the seventies with a hard foam top. We had played with it together for a while. Curiosity pushed her to explore a bit further without me, while I was freshening up in the bathroom.

The device was so efficient that in just a few minutes, on the first try, she had succesfully mastered it. Without any penetration, simply by applying the madly vibrating device against her already awakened pussy, in the blink of an eye Alice had become what porn fans call a squirter.

The sheets under her were drenched.

And I had missed this remarkable feat, naïvely thinking we were having a break…

Alice was stunned by her discovery…

And so was I.

Alice was trying to describe to me what she had felt, in the most minute details, searching frantically for the right words to suit these intense and unknown sensations. She was like a child, not knowing what to do with her discovery. We were comparing our male and female pleasures: sexually speaking, could we actually not be so different after all? Could male and female orgasms be the same, or at least more similar than we had always been told ? The significant amount of her fluids – the slightly oily, crystal clear water that just came out of her – was impressive.

How much of it had she actually produced? Where did it come from? Where had it been secretly hidden all this time? Why did it never happen before? Why now?

Carried away by the desire to see if it could happen again and having missed that exceptional yet solitary moment of ecstasy, I penetrated Alice. I was on my back, she was seated on top of me. We were fused together; I was her, she was me.

Once again, we quickly got high on our mutual excitement. Alice and I were a perfect sexual match. She grabbed the toy and placed it on top of where our bodies joined . It was vibrating like a miniature plane engine next to her wet vagina as I was moving inside her. She seemed to know exactly where to apply pressure, right above her clitoris (and not at all where I would’ve thought to place it had it been my responsibility to explore and discover). Glistening with sweat and hungry for each other, our two bodies swayed in rhythm, pulsing and shaking with desire, as if we were one.

Entranced, I wasn’t really paying attention to Alice’s moves with the device. But at some point I realized that the toy she was pressing tightly between her vulva and my crotch, was resonating in me as much as it was driving her insane. The large head of the vibrating toy amplified our every sensation. I could feel my cock pulsing deep inside her;  the feeling so strong that I could even visualize my perineum; my prostate was electrified by this shared and exciting vibration. Alice was out of control. I could feel her contract tighter and longer around me. It was like following her through unchartered waters, deep down in her body, both of us overwhelmed by these new realms of pleasure. I was amazed. Despite our frenzy, Alice’s eyes were closed, as if deeply focused on following her ectasy even further…

And it happened again, without any particular sign or warning. Rising from deep within her, that thing she had been looking for without really controlling, suddenly made her tense up…  and then was unleashed.

Alice’s silence, with a few deep moans, turned out to be a scream waiting to surface. What was welling up inside her overpowered all restraint, and simultaneously let loose both an intense scream and a clear, abundant and powerful stream that literally flooded my stomach, chest and throat. She was yowling as if her life depended on it, her eyes wide-open from the intensity of her experience. Her flow seemed endless and I was dripping beneath her. We were both laughing, transported by the extreme joy of such a profound release.

We fell asleep, just like that. One of us must have had the reflex to turn the buzzing toy off.

The next night, over dinner, we were completely obsessed. It was our only topic of discussion: is every woman a potential squirter? What other nicer word might exist to call a woman who ejaculates ? Are the female genitalia just like the male’s, but all tucked up inside? Where does that liquid come from? Where is it stored? Is it produced instantly like tears? Always in such abundant quantities? Which hole is it coming from: the same as urine or from the vagina?…

We were as stunned by our ignorance, as by the intensity of our recent experience. We then spent a long time online, looking for answers. Once we had skipped through the typical pornographic content about “squirting” women (with numerous websites devoted to the topic), we were shocked to discover that female sexual organs and pleasure were the subject of a vast new array of scientific research and recent major discoveries. In our society filled with permanent technological innovations, how could we have ignored a fundamental part of the female anatomy –  the clitoris? Moreover, how come we didn’t know women have a prostate?

Indeed they do!

Enchanted by our recent findings, having opened the door to a novel world of female pleasure, we felt as if our bodies were fresh and new. How could we have stayed away from these essential things? We couldn’t believe the female anatomy was still an active field of scientific study. Why was today’s research so rudimentary with regards to female pleasure? Why weren’t these wonderful things taught to us instead of left to a random, chance discovery?

Unable to fully understand the extent of what we had just stumbled upon, we felt we had to continue our sexual exploration….